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The use of Copper in stills

Copper is the material most often used in the manufacture of stills, in the past it has been attempted, the replacement of copper in the manufacture of the stills by the stainless steel, however this replacement of the copper came to further highlight the importance of the use of copper in the distillation, given the importance of this metal in the sensory quality of distillates, the distillates obtained in stills of stainless steel had a characteristic odour of sulphides and thus the idea was eventually abandoned.

Spirits distilled in copper pot stills, which are preferred by connoisseurs of the drink, its aroma and flavor.

The copper has a significant importance in regard to the improvement of public health. Its properties anti-pathogenic prevent infections at home, at work and in hospitals.
The copper tubing is widely used in plumbing, because that helps the preservation of the purity of drinking water. The copper has effects anti microbactéria in which can prevent microorganisms, such as bacteria, viruses, algae and parasites infectious to flourish in the water stocked.
Surfaces made of copper and brass, such as doorknobs and tabletops, can also reduce the spread of diseases caused by microorganisms. The contamination of food by micro-bacteria can be reduced through the use of copper surfaces during the preparation of the food.

Hospitals and clinics have reduced the download accidental of micro-organisms through the use of paint antibacterial of the walls and placement of door knobs and other copper accessories in the doors. Copper is still used in the manufacture of antibiotics, with the aim to keep unchanged.

Given all of these advantages, as is reflected in the use of copper in the manufacture of stills?

Absorbs the sulfur compounds and yeast, which occur during the fermentation and whose presence in the beverage or essential oil is undesirable because of their odor.

Other features:

  • The covers also help to keep the distillate sweet;
  • Reduce the bacterial contamination;
  • It has excellent heat conducting properties that help the heating and cooling of vapors.




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