Column still Rotating 20 Litres

This model of alembic is extremely versatile and at the same time very easy to use.In the traditional alembic the wine and the water are mixed in the boiler, but on the type of the still column, rotating the copper pot only works as a producer of steam as the wine is not placed in the pot but in the column, thus there is no direct contact with the water.

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Depending on the capacity, the column may have one or two crivas welded in its interior, which allow the separation of grape must and water, as well as the passage of the vapours, this process known as steam distillation is ideal for the distillation of alcoholic drinks, and essential oils.

One of the specificities of this alembic is the possibility of performing two types of distillation, steam distillation and the distillation with the organic materials and the water mixed in the boiler, it being necessary to do this remove the column getting to function as a traditional alembic.

This design is equipped with the boiler,rotary speaker attached to the boiler with a metal bracket that can be removed of you want to use the alembic in the traditional manner, helmet, extension tubes and condenser with serpentine coil.

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